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Performance Management

What does people-centric mean?

Creating a people-centric culture means valuing each person as an individual, not just their job title. It's about adapting management styles to fit...

Performance Management

What is performance enablement?

We explore the difference between performance management and enablement – and examine why businesses are choosing to combine the two to empower their...

Employee engagement

What is an employee engagement survey?

An employee engagement survey is a useful tool used to measure the level of engagement and satisfaction of employees.

Mental Health

Speak up on International Men’s Day

OpenBlend explore what more organisations can be doing to support their male staff to speak up on their mental health struggles this International...


Supporting ‘indiversity’ at work

We summarise the key learnings from our event with Asif Sadiq MBE, Head of D&I for Warner Brothers Discovery.


What's the purpose of a 1:1 meeting?

Discover the purpose of an employee one-to-one with effective conversation that truly drives motivation, engagement and performance.

Performance Management

How to coach a top performer

Top performing employees are often the most overlooked. This blog provides tips for managers to coach high performers successfully & unlock their...


We need to talk about proximity bias

Is proximity bias hurting your hybrid workforce? Here’s how people-centric performance management can fix it. Find out how you can reconnect your...


2020 and people-centric management

By using OpenBlend Data on Demand, we have analysed the anonymous employee data of our users to find out just how much the pandemic has swayed...


Human stories of people management

Introducing The OpenBlend Podcast, the podcast for Chief People Officers, HR leaders and innovators in people management looking to make a change....


Putting people first in eCommerce 

Covid19 has put eCommerce at the forefront of retail, with Lacoste and Gymshark refusing to put their employees on furlough. OpenBlend explores how...


Creating a ‘better’ normal

OpenBlend explores how people-centric management ensures that your managers are supported with the right coaching and the right tools to make a...


5 things managers will need to do differently

Lockdown may be gradually coming to an end, but remote working is here to stay. So what exactly is going to change for managers – and how can they...


Goodbye to managing ‘at work’

Remote working poses a challenge for managers, now and in the future. A people-centric management platform offers the solution.


Blend Insights: Organised at home

Neal Abdool, Sales Development at OpenBlend, explains why being organised at home is a vital part of his blend as he works remotely.


Blend Insights: Company Culture

Tash Halligan, Sales Executive at OpenBlend, explains why company culture is a key part of her blend in the current remote working climate.


Blend Insights: Making a difference at work

Trevor Ward, Chief Revenue Officer at OpenBlend, explains why making a difference at work is a key part of his blend in the current climate.


Blend Insights: Supportive Leadership

Prerna Kanwar, Senior Product Owner at OpenBlend, explains why having a supportive leader has become a key part of her blend while working remotely.


Helping your team stay productive at home

Productivity and remote working can go hand in hand – if they are managed effectively. We’ve pulled together a few tips to help managers keep their...


Maintaining trust while remote working

We look at a few simple ways that managers can maintain trust over the coming months – during this period of remote work - and ensure that business...


Creating a connected workforce remotely

For a lot of us, the social element of work is as important as the pay packet we receive every month. Now we’re facing an indeterminate period of...


The Power of Conversation

Managers need to keep having conversations with their teams, even if they can’t sit down together in the same room. Here’s how you can get more out...


Don’t let your star players burn out

Is increasing the workload and stretching the responsibility of your talent having an impact on their wellbeing, and how will it affect their...


OpenBlend feature in BBC News!

OpenBlend are delighted to be featured in the Technology in Business section of the BBC news. Showcasing their most recent research into employee...


Help! I need to know the answer…

Creating a coaching culture where managers are able to have more meaningful conversations is a great way to accelerate performance and engagement. We...

Finding the Marginal Gains in your talent

Sir David Brailsford (former Performance Director of British Cycling) ‘professionalised’ the “aggregation of marginal gains.” He explained it as “the...

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