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Successful companies work with OpenBlend to improve performance. You could too.

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1:1s with breadth and depth

OpenBlend provides managers and their direct reports with the tools they need to improve the effectiveness of their 1:1s. Fully supported by coaching frameworks and accompanying content, OpenBlend creates a level playing field, ensuring consistently high-quality 1:1s are held every time. 

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Support to schedule, prepare, guide

By supporting the creation, preparation, guidance and output of 1:1s, we remove the hard work, enabling the conversations to be consistent, focused, personalised and most importantly impactful in driving both personal and company performance. 

Trusted by businesses globally

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"OpenBlend is a real leveller in terms of line manager ability. Regardless of line manager experience and competence, OpenBlend allows everyone to experience a well-structured, development-led, coaching-based 1:1 with their line manager. It's easy to generate actions and outcomes from these conversations, and provide individuals with a clear set of next steps towards achieving their goals."

Chris Dabbs, Head of Learning

The Prince's Trust

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"OpenBlend puts the employee at the heart of all 1:1 conversations. It facilitates discussions based predominantly on an agenda created by the employee. It is extremely simple to use, encourages regularity and reminds managers that there is a real person in front of them who has a life outside of work which impacts their behaviour and ability to do their job. It promotes and develops a coaching style and supports a consistent approach to 1:1's across the business."

Kerry Upton, Head of HR

Caravan and Motorhome Club

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"The account management experience we receive is brilliant. Proactive and insightful, they really understand the needs of our business and how OpenBlend can best support us. We love that our colleagues can use the tool in the way that works best for them - we make recommendations on frequency of use and the benefits of the different features, but ultimately the messaging is that the main purpose is to support effective coaching conversations between individuals and their manager, so it is in their hands."

Amardeep D'Amaro, Director of Global Talent Development


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"It’s the most comprehensive and supportive tool I have ever come across. It allows me the freedom to focus on asking the best questions, touching the right nerve and properly listening to what I’m being told, rather than constantly having an internal conversation about how I’ll track something or scratch around to remember what was discussed last time."

Josh Winfield, Engineering Manager


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"OpenBlend facilitates meaningful 1:1 conversations between our people and their managers. Our people lead the conversation about all aspects of their work and life bringing their authentic selves to work."

Charlotte Woodward, Global Head of Talent & Development

Impellam Group


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The problems we solve 

OpenBlend solves business critical problems and drives significant value in our customers.

These problems have themes. 


Enabling managers and employees to have effective coaching-led 1:1s with a direct impact on retention, eNPS and performance.


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Helping businesses identify and address low performance, increase the output overall and retain high performers.


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Ensuring everyone has a personalised development plan that is discussed regularly, and linked to the LMS, in 1:1s.



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Improving the consistency of engagement scores across the business, focusing on people data and solutions to address pockets of low engagement.


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Supporting businesses to integrate their core HR stack with a platform that specialises only in boosting performance and developing people.


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Refreshing the approach to evaluating performance to ensure its modern, informed, forward thinking and innovative. 



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