Blend Insights: Mindset Wellbeing

Ashley Knight, Data Analyst at OpenBlend, explains why focussing on Mindset Wellbeing has be

What drives you to do your best at work? At OpenBlend, we think that work/life balance is an outdated idea. It really takes a blend of elements from our professional and personal lives for us to feel fulfilled.

Today, as many of us adjust to working remotely, our personal performance objectives may change, or they might become clearer than ever. Either way, understanding what motivates us – and addressing how we can prioritise those things – is vital for us to thrive from home.

A good starting point is to discover your own personal blend. What elements do you need at home and at work to feel fulfilled, happy and productive – and how far off are you from achieving them? Use our blend insight tool to find your perfect blend


Here, Ashley Knight, Data Analyst at OpenBlend, explains why focussing on Mindset Wellbeing has become a key part of her blend in the current climate:


Blend element: Mindset Wellbeing

What does the Mindset Wellbeing blend element mean to you, and why is it important?

“It means having awareness around my own wellbeing and what is contributing to my mindset, both positively and negatively. It’s important for me to take care of myself first, to ensure I can stay on top of everything else."

What impact does this support have on your work and personal life?

“If I’m feeling in a negative headspace, it impacts my motivation and productivity levels at work, as well as many aspects of my personal life, so it’s vital for me to keep working on it.”

Has this blend element changed for you since you started working remotely?

“It’s actually improved because I’m making such a conscious effort to stay aware of my mindset – and to be easy on myself!”

How does this blend element tie into working from home?

“I definitely wouldn’t be able to get any work done at home without motivation and productivity! Luckily I learnt that very quickly when I started working from home two days a week last year, but five days a week is a whole new ballgame!”

Getting an insight into your own unique blend is an important first step to feeling fulfilled at home and at work – whatever the circumstances. Use the Blend Insight tool now – no one will see the results but you, so you can give honest, personal input that helps you understand your key drivers.

Understanding the link between employee motivation and performance


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