Blend Insights: Making a difference at work

Trevor Ward, Chief Revenue Officer at OpenBlend, explains why making a difference at work is a key part of his blend in the current climate.

What drives you to do your best at work? At OpenBlend, we think that work/life balance is an outdated idea. It really takes a blend of elements from our professional and personal lives for us to feel fulfilled.

Today, as many of us adjust to working remotely, our personal performance objectives may change, or they might become clearer than ever. Either way, understanding what motivates us – and addressing how we can prioritise those things – is vital for us to thrive from home.

A good starting point is to discover your own personal blend. What elements do you need at home and at work to feel fulfilled, happy and productive – and how far off are you from achieving them? Use our blend insight tool to find your perfect blend.


Here, Trevor Ward, Chief Revenue Officer at OpenBlend, explains why making a difference at work is a key part of his blend in the current climate:



Blend element: Making a difference at work

What blend element is most important to you

“Making a difference at work is something I have felt strongly about since the start of my career and I look at this on two levels.

Firstly, it’s my personal contribution to the company and the people I work with on a daily basis. It really boils down to how much of a positive effect I have in my role through ideas, sales performance, coaching my team, assisting customers etc.

Secondly, it’s how the product or service of the company that I work for makes a difference to the world at large. Whatever you sell, you really need to feel and be proud of the positive effects that your company has on its customers.”

What impact does this have on your work and personal life?

“I always feel happier in my personal life when I feel my work life is rewarding and fulfilling. The same of course is true in reverse, and for the first time in my career my performance conversations take into account my key personal drivers along with my work ones…as I have OpenBlend.”

Has this blend element changed for you since you started working remotely?

“Whether it’s in the office or at home, I feel I can make a difference. As a CRO you spend a lot of time with existing and potential new clients both on the road and through video conferencing, so I guess this is an easy transition for me.”

How does this blend element tie into working from home?

“Irrespective of being in the office or at home the feeling of wanting to make a difference and actually knowing you are making a difference is there. ‘Making a difference at work’ is actually the No.1 driver across the entire OpenBlend user base, so it resides in the majority of peoples Blends. While working at home during this difficult time it’s even more important to let the team know how much of a difference they are making, for their wellbeing.”

Getting an insight into your own unique blend is an important first step to feeling fulfilled at home and at work – whatever the circumstances. 

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