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Introducing The OpenBlend Podcast, the podcast for Chief People Officers, HR leaders and innovators in people management looking to make a change. We’ve launched this podcast to share real-life experiences of people-centric performance management through human stories.

The OpenBlend Podcast is on a mission to bring people centred performance management to life.

How? By talking to outstanding senior HR professionals and innovators in people management, delving deep into their personal stories, the lessons they’ve learnt and how they came to be where they are today. We’ll be exploring what drives their approach to people performance, unearthing how they deal with their own unique challenges within their respective industries and how they think about the ‘whole person’ approach: changing employee wellbeing for the better. 

Hearing real human stories, you will discover how groundbreaking businesses have been prioritising the health, wellbeing and performance of their people this year. Covering topics such as diversity, social purpose, work-life balance, mental health, equity, equality and inclusivity – our guests each re-define what company culture means amid Covid-19 and beyond.  

You can listen to the full episodes of The OpenBlend Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts

Why you need to listen to The OpenBlend Podcast 

Talking through details of their professional journeys, OpenBlend’s Founder & CEO Anna Rassmussen will reveal eye-opening, inspiring and eventful stories from each one of our guests. Delving deep into their experiences and challenges to unearth the most efficient ways to help you drive collaborative, productive and happy teams and a thriving company culture through the lens of people centred performance management.  

Our podcast guests all share insight on how they’ve been keeping their people connected at a distance; their approach to communication in the workplace as well as employee engagement; and how they’ve worked with OpenBlend to increase employee productivity and performance in the face of adversity. With a focus on how the pandemic has created a ‘new normal’, we discuss the many challenges senior HR and people leaders are currently facing. From remote management, the impact of isolation, lockdown and furlough on their colleagues through to reimagining the office and work-life balance after Covid-19. 

Who should listen to The OpenBlend Podcast? 

A well-told story is up to 22 times more memorable and more impactful than learning derived elsewhere – and The OpenBlend Podcast is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Combining human stories with real-life insight into people management, our podcast is setting out to attract senior people professionals who care about people centred performance management. As well as influence and progress the current attitudes, belief, knowledge, and behaviour of people leaders nationwide.  

First up in our series, Anna talks to David Blackburn, Chief People Officer at the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, about how Covid-19 has impacted people management; his own work/life blend and how leaders can keep people connected even with teams at a distance. Tune in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts to find out more on how the FCSC hasn’t lost a day of work productivity during the crisis, despite an onslaught of demand for their services and the company-wide shift to remote working.  

Next, you’ll hear from Dave Parry, Chief People Officer at Gymshark and what it takes to create a powerful company culture and a dialogue on race and ethnicity in the workplace. Discussing Gymshark's BAME agenda, Dave explains how Gymshark has driven forward employee relationships with the help of OpenBlend and found a better normal against the challenges of Covid-19. In episode three of The OpenBlend Podcast, Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Consultant Sereena Abbassi explains the difference between equity and equality, experiences in discrimination in race and class and how she uses OpenBlend to bridge cultural divides in the workplace. 

Why OpenBlend 

As the only people-centred performance management system underpinned by coaching frameworks, OpenBlend makes a significant impact in leading organisations all working towards creating a culture that supports all aspects of an individual’s development journey and celebrates that one size doesn’t fit all. OpenBlend connects employee needs and drivers with business performance to power effective conversations that lead to solutions, and ensure continual, open and honest feedback is at the heart of every manager-employee relationship. 

If you feel inspired or motivated by The OpenBlend Podcast, you want to appear as a guest, or you have something to say on the topic we’ve covered, get in touch with us on or leave a review. We are always keen to hear your thoughts, and how we can make The OpenBlend Podcast the number one resource for people leaders and HR innovators looking to make a change. 

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