Integrate with the day to day 

Seamless integration to your HR tech stack and your most-used communication tools.

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Discover a selection of bespoke and seamless OpenBlend integrations.


A single source of truth

Effortlessly import and sync your people data with your HRIS and login quickly and easily with secure single sign-on. 

Safety is paramount for any cloud-based solution. With OpenBlend, you can sync your HRIS system with Azure Active Directory to access secure single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. Safeguard user credentials and ensure robust access policies across your team.

Enjoy fast and secure single sign-on, protect sensitive data with multi-factor authentication and sync with a wide range of HRIS all through the cloud.

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Integrating with comms platforms

OpenBlend integrates with your favourite communication and collaboration platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom. Connect instantly anywhere, on any device to schedule 1:1s with ease, receive updates on objectives and other key elements, and set reminders to complete or update actions set during 1:1s.

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