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Performance Enablement Report Webinar 

Listen to Professor Nick Kemsley clearly explain the key insights from our academic data analysis of performance enablement initiatives and progress over the past two years. 


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How to ensure inclusion is present in one-to-ones and the business benefits.

In this webinar, OpenBlend’s Anna Rasmussen, sits down with Dr Joanna Abeyie MBE, Founder and MD of Blue Moon to discuss: 

  • What inclusion really means and looks like in one-to-one conversations
  • Practical techniques managers can use to create psychological safety and openness with their employees
  • Business benefits seen by many organisations already using this approach 


Inclusion in one-to-ones

Working parents; the importance of the manager & employee conversation in achieving gender equality

In this webinar, Anna Rasmussen CEO of OpenBlend and Ian Dinwiddy Founder of Inspiring Dads sit down to discuss: 

  • How supporting working parents, regardless of gender, at work supports equality
  • The importance of ensuring managers can discuss broader topics, beyond objectives, in their one-to-ones
  • How forward-thinking organisations approach supporting working all parents, top down and bottom up


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Great Managers have great conversations

Do you agree that the one-to-one conversation is THE single most important productivity tool a manager has?

Ruth Filor, Global Head of Talent at Superdry and Anna Rasmussen, CEO & Founder at OpenBlend discuss how businesses can modernise their performance management process through broader conversation.


Don't let proximity bias hold back performance

In this webinar, Anna Rasmussen was joined by Karl Burnett from A+E Networks, and Amanda Fishburn from Dr. Martens to discuss: 

  • How to stay connected with your remote and hybrid workforces to enable people to perform at their best. 
  • Whether managers see their remote or hybrid workers in the same light as in-office staff?
  • How proximity bias can threaten a culture of high performance


How to think differently about driving performance

In this recording, Anna Rassmussen and Nicola Forbes-Taylor deliver a breakout session at the HR Grapevine Live event. During their session, they discuss: 

  • How to tap into the superpower of a people manager
  • The importance of understanding personal and professional drivers to enable your teams to perform at their best 
  • Why incorporating your teams key drivers will prepare you for hybrid working 


Dispelling the Fear of Coaching in People Management Conversations

Managers can be intimidated by the term 'coaching', when in reality it's a communication style.

In this webinar, OpenBlend's CEO and Founder, Anna Rasmussen is joined by a panel of experts to discuss: 

  • The reality behind the term 'coaching' 
  • How we can best support our managers to adopt a coaching mindset without any fear
  • Why this communication style is critical for the workforce of today


Employee Experience: Have Expectations Shifted Through the Pandemic?

In this webinar, Anna Rasmussen and David Blackburn from FSCS chat all things employee experience, including: 

  • How the pandemic has impacted the employee experience 
  • Techniques businesses can use to ensure their employee experience is where it needs to be 
  • What current employees are expecting from their organisations today 


Building Resilience: Life After Lockdown for Employees

As the possibility of reopening businesses is hopefully drawing closer we thought it would be useful to run a webinar to prepare for this. OpenBlend's Founder and CEO, Anna Rasmussen is joined by Nicola and Alex to talk life after lockdown: 

  • Strategies and ideas to lift and build into your organisations to make this transition as smooth as possible
  • The importance of resilience and reflection 


Mindset Hacks

The second webinar of the series with our associate coach, Tracy James.

'Mindset hacks' will teach you how to be aware of unhelpful thinking habits and maintain a growth mindset in challenging times where productivity can run low in times of isolation.


How To Look After Your Back When Working From Home

Lockdown has seen a huge increase in the number of us suffering from back pain. Health & Exercise is one of the most selected Blend element amongst our users, so we wanted to help a little.

In this 30 minute webinar, Chiropractor Tim Lynch shares some simple tips to help us look after our backs. 


Empowering Managers to Lead Change

Welcome back to part two of our webinar series with LMA Recruitment, as we discuss how to empower your managers to lead change.

We don't yet know how the world will be changed as a result of the pandemic, but one thing is for sure: managers will need structured insights into employee’s wellbeing, engagement and productivity.


How To Rebuild Culture After Furlough

In this webinar, in partnership with LMA recruitment, we discuss how you can prepare for returning back to the office and rebuilding your culture, whilst managing expectations of both furloughed & non-furloughed staff.

The panel includes:

  • Nicola Forbes-Taylor, CPO for high growth start ups & Consultant
  • Alex Mecklenburg, leadership coach and co-founder of the creative consultancy Truth & Spectacle
  • Anna Rasmussen, CEO and Founder of OpenBlend


Forming New Habits

In this final session with our associate coach, Tracy James.

Tracy will help you identify and introduce new positive habits into your life using tools and hacks to help make them stick. We hope this series of webinars has proved useful to you in this time of complete remote working.


GROW through difficult times

The third webinar of the series with our associate coach, Tracy James.

During this guided GROW workshop you will be asked to choose an area of your work/life Blend, or an objective, that has been impacted by recent events. You will then review this through the lens of the GROW model to help you figure out a way to move forward.


Worry Less, Think More

The first webinar of the series with our associate coach, Tracy James. This series provides practical tips to help us all think differently and adapt to our new realities.

'Worry less, think more' provides thought hacks to help you manage worry and anxiety. It will give you an understanding of what anxiety is and how it manifests for us.


The New Normal: Supporting a Remote Workforce

This webinar took place in early April when we were in the early stages of complete remote working. In partnership with The BTN, our CEO, Anna Rasmussen caught up with James Ballard (Co-Founder at The BTN and Annapurna Recruitment), to look at how individuals, managers and businesses can support a remote workforce.

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Supporting Individual Performance Objectives: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

In this webinar, hosted by OpenBlend's Founder and CEO, Anna Rasmussen, we explore why understanding your team as individuals is crucial to driving productivity

A people-centric approach is the failsafe way to make sure each individual thrives and brings their best to work. And any business can adopt this technique. 


The Importance of a People-Centric Approach

Many businesses are now beginning to focus on the themes and best practices that will drive people forward. Because without putting your people first, how can businesses expect to retain a team, nurture their talent and scale?

In this webinar, OpenBlend's CEO and Founder, Anna Rasmussen, discussed:

  • How to define a people-centric approach for HR
  • Day-to-day initiatives and strategies for your organisation
  • The ROI opportunities of shifting your approach.