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On-demand webinars

Did you miss us live? Not to worry, you can browse over the latest webinars and events that we've hosted or been involved with and watch on-demand at a time that suits you. 

OpenBlend Webinar

The changing face of 1:1s - Fixing the people leader skills gap

The effectiveness of people managers is the single biggest challenge faced by organisations today.  In this webinar, OpenBlend’s Anna Rasmussen, and Professor Nick Kemsley of Henley Business School discuss how organisations can start closing the skills gap and empowering their people leaders to drive retention, motivation, and performance.  

The Workplace Inspirathon 2023

Development conversations: Closing the gap

Inspiring Workplaces hosted its 2023, 24-hour Inspirathon. OpenBlend's Founder and CEO, Anna Rasmussen hosted a live session on closing the gap on development conversations, exploring why it has never been more important for organisations to invest in people development.

Happier at Work Podcast Episode 155

Mastering the art of performance management

Our Founder & CEO, Anna Rasmussen, recently engaged in a thought-provoking discussion with Aoife O’Brien on the Happier at Work podcast, exploring the true essence of belonging in the workplace and how effective performance management demands open and honest conversations around wellbeing and motivation.

The Inspiring Workplaces Power hour series

A comprehensive approach to enhancing your wellbeing strategy

Our Founder and CEO, Anna Rasmussen joined Gethin Nadin of Benefex, and Jo Newman, of the Independent Office for Police Conduct, for a live disussion during Inspiring Workplace's Power Hour series. The panel discussed the importance of taking a holistic look at driving your wellbeing strategy.

LinkedIn Live

What can managers do to support employees going through the menopause?

According to research from the CIPD -  three out of five (59%) women aged between 45 and 55 say menopause has a negative impact on them at work. In this LinkedIn Live, we spoke to Elizabeth Cowper, of We Are Ludo to discuss the role managers play in supporting employees going through menopause. 

LinkedIn Live

How to effectively support disabled employees in the workplace

OpenBlend's Founder and CEO, Anna Rasmussen was joined by Diane Lightfoot, CEO of the Business Disability Forum discuss how managers and organisations can effectively support disabled employees in the workplace, working to create an inclusive culture to allow all team members to thrive. 

OpenBlend Webinar

How to ensure inclusion is present in 1:1s and the business benefits

OpenBlend’s Founder and CEO, Anna Rasmussen, hosted a live webinar with Dr Joanna Abeyie MBE, Founder of Blue Moon to discuss, what inclusion really means and looks like in 1:1 conversations, and the practical techniques managers can use to create psychological safety and openness with their employees.

OpenBlend Webinar

Proximity bias and performance

In this webinar, Anna Rasmussen was joined by Karl Burnett from A+E Networks, and Amanda Fishburn from Dr. Martens to discuss, how to stay connected with your remote and hybrid workforces, and whether managers see their remote or hybrid workers in the same light as in-office staff? 

HR Grapevine Live 2021

How to think differently about driving performance

OpenBlend's Anna Rasmussen and Nicola Forbes-Taylor deliver a breakout session at the HR Grapevine Live event. During their session, they discuss how to tap into the superpower of a people manager and the importance of understanding personal and professional drivers to enable your teams to perform at their best.

OpenBlend Webinar

Dispelling the fear of 'coaching' in people management conversations

Managers can be intimidated by the term 'coaching', when in reality it's a communication style. In this webinar, OpenBlend's Founder and CEO, Anna Rasmussen is joined by a panel of experts to discuss the reality behind the term 'coaching', and how we can best support our managers to adopt a coaching mindset without any fear.

OpenBlend Webinar

Employee experience: Have expectations shifted through the pandemic?

In this webinar, OpenBlend's Founder and CEO, Anna Rasmussen, was joined by David Blackburn from FSCS to chat all things employee experience, including techniques businesses can use to ensure their employee experience is where it needs to be and what current employees are expecting from their organisations today.

OpenBlend Webinar

Building resilience: Life after lockdown for employees

As the possibility of reopening businesses is hopefully drawing closer we thought it would be useful to run a webinar to prepare for this. OpenBlend's Founder and CEO, Anna Rasmussen was joined by Nicola and Alex to talk life after lockdown, including strategies and ideas to lift and build into your organisations to make this transition as smooth as possible. 

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