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Successful companies work with OpenBlend to improve performance. You could too.

Dedicated customer success manager

Customer success is a significant aspect of who we are.

The role of our customer success team is to act as a trusted advisor to your business and ensure that whatever your definition of success looks like, we can achieve it together.

All our customers have a dedicated customer success manager.

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Easy onboarding and implementation

We know that it takes a collaborative effort to bring about a worthwhile and sustainable change. We have plenty of experience in which approach is most effective.

We will co-create a plan to onboard and implement OpenBlend in a way that combines our experience of best practices and the realities of your culture.

Together we make it easy.

Customer success stories 

Our customer success team love what they do. Experience integrated performance management and embark on a journey that personalises and structures 1:1s, with real results.

"The implementation of OpenBlend was smooth and tailored to us. The change of behaviour towards the regular conversations we are now having is welcomed and has transformed the conversation from being KPI-based to focusing more on the individual's needs."

"The OpenBlend team are supportive and they work with us to regularly discuss what we would like to see with the tech team - who are open to anything! We needed a platform to formalise goal setting and house all information from 1:1s to use for performance reviews. The platform contains everything we need to do this."

"The account management experience we receive is brilliant. Proactive and insightful, they really understand the needs of our business and how OpenBlend can best support us. It's best helped us to support effective coaching conversations between individuals and their managers."

The value OpenBlend drives

OpenBlend consistently delivers positive value to our customers. Our focus is on making a positive impact in one or more of the following areas:


Improving manager and employee relationships

Producing more structured, consistent, focussed and regular 1:1s as the driver of great performance.


Identifying high or low performers 

Helping businesses understand who is over or under achieving against their objectives.


Employee engagement and experience 

Improving organisational culture by enhancing engagement between your managers and employees.


Driving objective/goal achievement 

Promoting awareness, progress, and achievement of performance goals and objectives.


Clear development paths for all 

Building clear, personalised development pathways to improve career growth and development.


Fair performance appraisals and reviews

Automating paper-based, manual, untracked appraisals to streamline performance evaluations.

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