7 April, 2020 | Rebecca East

Blend Insights: Supportive Leadership

What drives you to do your best at work? At OpenBlend, we think that work/life balance is an outdated idea. It really takes a blend of elements from our professional and personal lives for us to feel fulfilled with supportive leadership. 

Today, as many of us adjust to working remotely, our personal performance objectives may change, or they might become clearer than ever. Either way, understanding what motivates us – and addressing how we can prioritise those things – is vital for us to thrive from home.

A good starting point is to discover your own personal blend. What elements do you need at home and at work to feel fulfilled, happy and productive – and how far off are you from achieving them?


Here, Prerna Kanwar, Senior Product Owner at OpenBlend, explains why having a supportive leader has become a key part of her blend in the current climate:


Blend element: Supportive leader

Why is having a supportive leader important to you?

“As a product person I don’t want to be just order tacking employee. I want my leader to trust me and empower me to take decisions."

What impact does this support have on your work and personal life?


How has the supportive leadership blend element changed for you in the current circumstances?

“I didn’t have this blend element before. Because I‘m confident even if I don’t have supportive leader, I can make things work, but now situation is very different. At this time, it is super important to have a leader who can trust and empower me to work flexible hours suit my routine.”

How is supportive leadership helping you adjust to the current work from home situation?

“I’m working flexible hours to suit mine and my husband’s working pattern with a toddler at home. Sometimes, my 3-year-old sits in my lap in video calls. I want people to be cool about it.”

Getting an insight into your own unique blend is an important first step to feeling fulfilled at home and at work – whatever the circumstances. 

Understanding the link between employee motivation and performance

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