We're greater than the sum of our parts

Everything we do internally and externally is focused on working together.

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Our story

OpenBlend is the brainchild of our founder, Anna Rasmussen. 

A leadership coach with 17 years of experience in training managers how to use coaching to drive the performance of their team. 

Frequently being asked for recommendations on ‘how’ to implement the learned concepts and have effective 1:1s, Anna took the initiative to create OpenBlend. 

Our mission

We believe the 1:1 is the most important tool a manager has in their back pocket to drive the performance and engagement of their people.

Sadly, many 1:1 conversations are impersonal, unstructured, unfocused and transactional.

We exist to transform 1:1s into the powerhouse for performance. 

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Our values 


Be the best version of yourself

We strive to be the best we can be and we take responsibility for understanding what we need to make this happen. We believe in our abilities and capacity for greatness.

There is always a solution

We are always focused on finding the answer. Our enquiring minds mean we look at things from every angle, and strive to find a solution that works – for everyone. 

We are in it together

We all pull in the same direction and believe in the power of our team.  We ask for help when we need it, we give support freely.  We are a formidable force when we stand united.

Dream big

We are constantly evolving and growing. We aren’t afraid of failure, we embrace the opportunity to try and learn.  We are risk-takers, future-thinkers, ground breakers.  

Who do we hire?

We are independent thinkers who are passionate, hard-working, entrepreneurial, and results-driven. We're looking for team players with experience in high-growth, early-stage SaaS technology businesses.

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