Manager Dashboard: Empowering Managers to Build High-Performing Teams

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Build Engaged & High-Performing Teams: Explore the Manager Dashboard

Managing a team is inspiring and rewarding, yet with more and more organisations adopting a hybrid working model, maintaining visibility of team performance can feel exhausting. Whether your employees are fully office based, remote, or a bit of both, ensuring that they are all feeling happy, productive and on track to meet their objectives is hard work.

But with OpenBlend’s new Manager dashboard, there’s an alternative.


What is the new OpenBlend Manager dashboard?

My Team Summary splits performance data across two main tabs, Direct Reports and Wider Team to give managers a comprehensive overview of what’s driving and impacting employee and team performance. We delve more into these tabs below:

Direct Reports

Managers can view the details of their next booked one-to-one with options to edit, prepare, and view employees Talking Points. At a glance managers will be able to view data relating to their team’s Blend, their Objectives, Wellbeing and Feedback.

Percentage scores that compare your Team Blend and Team Wellbeing with the average company score are displayed in the top half of the Direct Reports tab. With this, managers can establish the health and happiness of their department as well as the entire company, enabling them to identify whether they are succeeding in meeting company targets as well as areas that need improvement. Within this section, managers can also see where Team Objectives are on track, behind and overdue, with a heat map that presents an overview of all open objectives in one place. In addition, Team Feedback displays the number of feedback responses that have been sent by managers to their direct reports within a selected time frame.

Managers are provided with a list of their team members and can see their next booked session with that employee (or have the option to book a session), as well as their employees’ Blend and Wellbeing scores as a percentage and any updates they make via their OpenBlend profile, whether inside or outside a session.

Wider Team

Meanwhile, the Wider Team area is the area for managers who have direct reports that manage their own teams, allowing them to get a wider representation of how their teams are doing.

How can OpenBlend’s ‘My Team’ dashboard be used to understand employee performance?

The data that is aggregated from your team’s OpenBlend profiles in the new Manager dashboard, tells a story. It presents team data in a meaningful way, enabling managers make data driven decisions and dive deeper into what’s impacting employee performance.  

It supports managers to understand employee data and see the whole person. Using data that is captured specifically for managers and displayed in a clever and instinctual way it becomes more than just statistics and analytics on a platform. It provides insights on Objectives and Actions; Wellbeing and motivations and it enables them to 1) access key trends across their workforce 2) highlight problem areas 3) identify solutions to improve performance. Putting all the information managers may need to tackle any issues, in one place.

Key features of the new Manager dashboard

There’s plenty to unpack with our new and flexible ‘My Team’ dashboard – however, here’s a few key highlights to look out for below.

Blend Insights

Blend is a powerful feature in OpenBlend that managers use to understand their employees’ individual drivers and motivators. This level of understanding enables effective and meaningful performance conversations and one-to-ones. To find out more about Blend, download the OpenBlend guide below.


Within the Blend Insights section, not only does it display your average team Blend score but it also shares insight into the most popular Blend elements amongst your team, percentage averages that relate to the fulfilment of the most popular drivers, as well as the target score set for each Blend element.

On the Sub Team Blend section, you’ll be able to see the overall Blend score amongst your direct reports teams, encouraging managers to compare what’s happening in the teams that are led by their own direct reports and ensure consistent leadership is happening across the board.

With this insight, managers can immediately understand what truly matters to their employees and take action to ensure that they are aligning their performance conversations with individual drivers and motivators as well as wider business objectives. 

Improving employee wellbeing with data

Within the Wellbeing Insights tab, managers can see a breakdown of their team’s average wellbeing scores across three key metrics – happiness, confidence and stress.

Wellbeing is vital to productivity which is why it must always be part of performance conversations. These simple visuals support a coaching framework that brings structure to sensitive conversations.

A clear view of team performance objectives

With Objectives Metrics, managers are able to assess the number of open objectives for their teams and see whether their direct reports are on track, behind or overdue on these projects.

You can also observe statistics across wider teams, such as the average number of open objectives per employees or the average age of open objectives. With this information, you can highlight areas of change and progress within your team, but also get a much better sense of how long it takes to achieve certain objectives, helping you plan and manage more effectively in the future.

Enable a powerful experience for managers

To find out more about how OpenBlend can help every manager drive the change that they want to see, create and nurture engaged, motivated and productive employees to enable performance and get the most out of the OpenBlend platform, book a demo or get in touch today.

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