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Our product is aligned with our mission to transform 1:1s to boost performance and develop people. 

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Successful companies work with OpenBlend to improve performance. You could too.

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Simplifying the ability to organise 1:1s

Our lives are easier when we are organised. Scheduling our 1:1s is key to ensuring they happen. 

Choose your desired cadence, set as recurring, integrate with your calendar and Teams channel and receive reminders and tips for preparing. Simple.

Making it easy to prepare for 1:1s

Preparing for a 1:1 is the difference between average and effective. We make the process simple.

Enabled to review previous 1:1s, actions, and data updates. Guided to choose the type of 1:1 and its associated purpose and view and choose recommended agenda items. You are hand-held to prepare seamlessly from beginning to end.  

Coaching tips and guidance are accessible to both managers and employees. Coaching lessons, accessible in multiple ways provide users access to bite-sized 'How to' guidance on key topics.


'In the moment' guidance in a 1:1

We all have different levels of experience and comfort in having 1:1s. The guidance embedded in OpenBlend levels up this difference to ensure everyone has a consistent experience.

Review the purpose of your 1:1 and agenda items to focus on the most impactful topics. With the GROW framework built-in to the platform: Goal, Reality, Obstacles, and Way Forward – each 1:1 conversation is guided from discussion into action. 

Driving the outcomes of a 1:1

The objective of a 1:1 is to walk away with clear actions and desired outcomes.

All conversations end in action setting with an owner, a due date and relevant details required for completion. This action is then nudged and tracked from start to finish by both parties. 


Create a culture of conversations that matter 

The OpenBlend platform is built around your business's specific needs. Whether you are just starting out in your performance journey, or have a set-up that isn't driving the results you need, we can work with you to deliver a personalised experience that allows you to choose what is discussed in your manager-employee 1:1s:



Leverage employee motivation insights to gain an understanding of individual drivers and their impact on productivity, wellbeing, engagement and performance.


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Motivate performance and inspire development with constructive 360 feedback that encourages ownership and drives performance.



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High Fives

Go beyond perks. Empower your teams to celebrate wins, support, hard work and achievements with a simple tool for employee recognition.



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Use performance reviews and appraisals to gain a forward-looking, comprehensive view of performance and tailor their frequency to align with your evaluation cycles.


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Create, discuss, and track SMART goals and performance objectives to drive and maintain productivity and build a culture of high performance. 



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Tackle employee wellbeing challenges head-on. Gain insight into your organisation's wellbeing levels, and ensure check-ins are integrated into every 1:1.


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Managers and employees work together to set personalised employee development plans that drive consistent progress towards career goals. 


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People Analytics 

Consolidate all essential performance-related information into one platform, offering a centralised view for managers, HR, and lines of business to positively impact performance.

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Lightbulb Learning

Cultivate manager ability and equip employees with the confidence and skills to engage in meaningful 1:1s with embedded 'in the moment' coaching content and toolkits.


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