6 December, 2018 | OpenBlend

Help! I need to know the answer…

Creating a coaching culture where managers are able to have more meaningful conversations is a great way to accelerate performance and engagement.  We know this. But sometimes...

It can be really hard to stick to a coaching approach when your talent is asking you to just tell them the answer to their problem, or to give them the solution to a particular challenge. 
In coaching, fundamentally, the coach is helping the individual to improve their own performance: in other words, helping them learn by arriving at the solution themselves, with support.

When you are in a one-to-one, face to face with someone asking you directly "what should I do?" it can be difficult to avoid slipping into rescuer-mode and presenting them with a solution, or simply taking away the challenge by doing it for them. 

The GROW questions in the Blend tool provide prompts for managers on how to tackle this conversation and move their team members towards their goals by setting actions.


Here are 5 key coaching techniques to keep in mind when you face this type of conversation: 

1. Relationship and trust

2. Listening and then asking questions

3. Positive reinforcement and feedback

4. Suggestions and simplification

5. Objectives and action plans

Our biggest tip? Preparation is key! 

Using the OpenBlend team dashboard ahead of a session to review your talent's Blend and their progress on actions will help you feel more equipped to deal with what needs to be discussed and what might come up in the session.

You can investigate possible questions to ask and think through how to make actionable progress clear.

Check out our manager podcasts for short bursts of inspiration and support.

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