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5 things managers will need to do differently

Lockdown may be gradually coming to an end, but remote working is here to stay. So what exactly is going to change for managers – and how can they...


Goodbye to managing ‘at work’

Remote working poses a challenge for managers, now and in the future. A people-centric management platform offers the solution.


Blend Insights: Organised at home

Neal Abdool, Sales Development at OpenBlend, explains why being organised at home is a vital part of his blend as he works remotely.


Blend Insights: Company Culture

Tash Halligan, Sales Executive at OpenBlend, explains why company culture is a key part of her blend in the current remote working climate.


Blend Insights: Making a difference at work

Trevor Ward, Chief Revenue Officer at OpenBlend, explains why making a difference at work is a key part of his blend in the current climate.


Blend Insights: Supportive Leadership

Prerna Kanwar, Senior Product Owner at OpenBlend, explains why having a supportive leader has become a key part of her blend while working remotely.

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