Employee motivation in the modern workforce

Understand what drives performance in your business. Enable holistic one-to-one conversations when employees share their Blend Drivers.

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Motivation is the biggest enabler of performance


Understand the unique drivers that motivate every employee


Drive performance with structured, people-led one-to-ones


Build relationships with office-based and hybrid workers


Put employee motivation at the heart of your one-to-one conversations

Work-life balance is an outdated concept. Today’s employees crave a work-life blend.

Take a personalised approach to performance enablement with Blend Drivers. Identify the key drivers that motivate your people and use it to help them succeed.

  • Discover what really motivates your people
  • Enable performance across your business
  • Build a people-centric culture

A framework for success

Our employee motivation software consists of 28 unique drivers that influence performance and productivity: from career goals to time with family. Select the 4-8 drivers that motivate each team member and combine these with OKRs and Talking Points to enable constructive one-to-ones.

  • Identify the specific drivers that motivate your people
  • Discuss where an employee is now and where they want to be
  • Develop actionable solutions using the GROW model and coaching prompts

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Keep hybrid employees motivated

Maintaining relationships with employees when you don’t see them every day is tough. Blend Drivers allow you to tailor performance enablement to hybrid employees, so they feel engaged, motivated, and have the support they need to succeed.

  • Get real-time visibility into engagement and motivation
  • Create tailored action plans to optimise performance
  • Empower hybrid workers to identify the areas they want to develop

Accelerate personal performance

One size doesn’t fit all in performance enablement. Understand what really makes your people tick with Blend Drivers. Get in touch to learn more.

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