SMART goal setting that keeps everyone on the same page

Create, discuss, and track goals and priorities with Performance Objectives from OpenBlend.
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Create a shared purpose across your teams


Help employees focus on their objectives


Support your wider business goals


Empower managers to know what to ask


A people-centric approach to performance objectives

Well-defined objectives drive success across your business. Performance Objectives blend our people-centric approach with the SMART goal and OKR framework.
  • Set clearly defined goals
  • Measure and monitor progress
  • Record completed objectives

Set your people up for success

Work with employees to create structured objectives with clear deliverables, so they know what’s expected of them and how their contributions impact business growth.

  • Cultivate a shared purpose across your business
  • Show employees how they contribute to success
  • Work together to set clear and achievable objectives
Objectives_set your people up for success
Objectives_measure progress at every stage

Measure progress at every stage

Set Milestones to break down performance goals into manageable steps. Integrate with communication platforms, like MS Teams, to receive timely notifications and reminders, so you can keep objectives front of mind and support continual development.

  • Define key results and success metrics
  • Engage in structured, focused conversations
  • Set milestones and deadlines to monitor progress over time

Customise objective tracking

Whatever you need, our SMART goal setting software lets you measure performance your way.

  1. Surface level list. Get a top-level overview of your team’s performance objectives in an easy-to-understand list.
  2. Dig deeper. Use our coaching framework to ensure have the right conversations with the right people, at the right time.
  3. Manager dashboards. Access everything you need to know about your team from one place. Monitor wellbeing, track objectives, review feedback, and more.

Our coaching framework is built on the GROW model to provide a structured path to personal development.

Objectives_customise objective tracking

Empower your people

Set the right objectives and enable high performance in your team. Get in touch to learn more about our SMART goal setting software.

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