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Give employees ownership of their one-to-one agenda. Save time and increase the value of your conversations with Talking Points.

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Have the right conversations at the right time


Drive performance with structured, employee-led one-to-ones


Keep hybrid employees connected and engaged


Focus your conversations and use your time more effectively with pre-set agendas

Talking points_improve the value of your one to ones

Improve the value of your one-to-ones

95% of employees say their performance management process adds no value. But Talking Points puts your employees in the driving seat.

Whether it’s a formal one-to-one or a quick catch-up, Talking Points facilitates meaningful, employee-led conversations. Users simply add the talking points they want to focus on from across the OpenBlend platform and our tool creates an agenda to guide the discussion. 

  • Empower your people to take ownership of their one-to-ones
  • Get to the heart of the factors that affect performance
  • Record feedback and develop targeted action plans

Support hybrid employees

Regular one-to-ones provide a vital link between you and your employees. And in today’s hybrid workplaces, that’s more important than ever.

Our meeting agenda tool helps you keep remote workers engaged and connected. With Talking Points, hybrid employees can add discussion points around wellbeing and motivation to their meeting agendas, helping you manage them as a whole person when they’re behind the screen.

  • Ensure performance conversations don’t fall by the wayside
  • Enable hybrid employees to set the time, agenda, and focus of sessions
  • Identify issues and concerns among remote workers
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Review previous Talking Points

One-to-ones should be transparent. And that means keeping a record of past conversations and agreed objectives.

Talking Points creates a record of every one-to-one for every employee, so you can monitor long-term performance goals, personal development, wellbeing, and other key factors from one dashboard.

  • Track and review progress towards performance objectives
  • Monitor long-term personal development
  • Make your one-to-one process more transparent

Empower your people

Focus on what matters most to your people with Talking Points. Get in touch to learn more about our employee-led meeting agenda tool.

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