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About OpenBlend

We modernise performance management with coaching-led one-to-one conversations.
OpenBlend provides the platform to improve and broaden conversations that make it easy for businesses to nurture and grow high performing cultures. This empowers managers to move away from a tick-box approach to performance and replace with effective one-to-ones that go beyond objectives. Ensuring that key aspects such as individual drivers and motivation, wellbeing, personal development and feedback can be discussed alongside performance objectives to truly enable employees to perform at their best.
Any business that recognises a company's performance is a collection of the performance of their people will benefit from OpenBlend.
What's good for people is good for business.

Our Mission

We believe that performance management can only be effective if supported by regular and broader conversations.

So, thats what we do. We exist to improve & broaden manager & employee conversations.

Our Values

We live and breathe these values and commit to uphold them in everything we do.
Be the best version of yourself / There is always a solution / Hustle to get it done / We are in it together / Dream big.

Careers at OpenBlend

Who do we hire?

We are independent thinker who are passionate, hard-working, entrepreneurial, and results-driven.  We're looking for team players with experience in high-growth, early stage technology business.

What are we like to work for?

  • As a start-up tech business, we think fast, change fast and learn fast
  • We are customer focused – we view everything from the outside in
  • We believe in open and honest communication - we want everyone’s input
  • We have high standards; everyone should be the best version of themselves
  • We believe in the power of our team – we are in it together.
  • There is always a solution ... we are positive, high energy and fun.

Contact us for further information on current roles.

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OpenBlend in the news

You know what’s great? When your expertise is covered by leading publications. It demonstrates that we must know our stuff. Browse articles and videos from across the web that are contributed to by, or mention, OpenBlend.

Why we need to stop talking about work-life balance!

The HR Director - 12th April 2022

Balance, it sounds great doesn't it? Something we all aspire too. Our work and life are inextricably linked. We don't have a 'job self' and a 'home self', we are a whole person so how do we stay true to the spirit of acheiving wellbeing through a balanced approach?

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How to ‘break the bias’ at work

Unleash - 8th March 2022

Here is some advice from women across the world of business about how companies can ‘break the bias’ and genuinely create workplaces that empower everyone, irrespective of their gender.

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It’s time to appreciate your employees

Unleash - 4th March 2022

This year’s Employee Appreciation Day is perhaps more important than ever before. North America and Europe are living through a mass talent exodus – dubbed the ‘Great Resignation’ – and talent shortages are very real across a range of sectors.

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Hybrid work: how new tech aims to shake up old practices

Financial Times - 30th Dec 2021

The move to hybrid working over the past two years has thrown up a range of challenges for businesses — from how to bring remote teams together, to integrating new staff. Many managers are looking at how they have traditionally done things and asking if there is a better way.

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How Gymshark doubled its workforce during COVID-19

Unleash - 16th Nov 2021

The tech fitness brand’s CPO Dave Parry shares all with UNLEASH.

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Our changing values | How to measure what employees really want in the time of the Great Resignation

HR Grapevine - 22 Nov 2021

How can you find out what is actually driving employee performance and satisfaction, to protect your business from the great resignation? The short answer is: ask.  But this isn’t just about having more 1:1s. It’s about enabling each employee to identify and share what motivates them through open, honest conversation.

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Employee vs commercial needs: Why you can’t have one without the other

HR Director - 1st September 2020

Productivity in the UK is in decline. But if businesses start to focus on employee needs, I believe they have the power to turn the tide. Here’s what every business needs to know about the relationship between employee needs and business success.

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High-tech ways to keep employees happy

BBC News - 13th September 2019

Half-price cinema tickets, cycle to work schemes and gym passes have long been part of employee benefits programmes.

But with research showing 84% of millennials look to leave their jobs within the first two years, employers want to tailor their perks packages to their employees' needs.

Emerging technologies such as data analytics, chatbots, and wearables can help employers know which benefits resonate with employees.

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