Employee Motivation

Retail performance management: why 1:1s are key

Learn how to transform your retail workforce into a motivated, high-performing team with regular 1:1 conversation that help your managers discuss everything from motivation and wellbeing to career development and feedback. Download our guide for retailers today.

Better employee-manager conversations = better retail performance

Download the OpenBlend guide to help you:

  1. Discover why a holistic approach to employee-manager 1:1 conversations is vital in the ever-evolving world of the retail industry.

  2. Support managers to facilitate tailored and coaching-led 1:1s (one-to-ones) and unlock better performance from all employees, whether they’re frontline operatives or office-based.

  3. Understand why employee motivation is a vital component of talent retention in the retail industry and how to uncover what motivates your employees.



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Why is a people-centric approach to performance important in the retail sector?

Reduce talent churn

Reduce talent churn

94% of retailers are worried about talent shortages. A people-centric approach supports retailers to build better relationships between managers and their employees.

How to have better one-to-ones

Facilitate better 1:1s

The most effective employee-manager 1:1s in the retail sector are those that are employee-led and put the individual's needs and motivations at the heart of the performance process. 

Employee motivation

Improve employee engagement & experience

People want to work for companies that put their needs high on the priority list, value their contributions and show them they care. People-centric performance management is built around these values.


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