Team Leadership

Great managers have great conversations with their employees

As the saying goes, there is no 'I' in team. Create a team of high performers through effective performance-based one-to-ones, coaching and mentorship. Equip your managers with the tools they need to identify their team's development needs, drive forward their own leadership progression, and in turn, grow into great leaders.


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Turn every manager into a coach

Because high-performing employees require great coaching and feedback. 

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Facilitate problem-solving and encourage employee development with a platform and tools that enable every manager to unlock their inner coach. Drive forward staff performance and transform employee training and development with built-in coaching frameworks and prompts. Supporting productive coaching conversations between managers and employees and creating a culture of top performers all round.

Support cross-functional mentorship and unite hybrid and remote teams with the ability to initiate performance conversations and one-to-ones with any manager. Simplifying matrix management and allowing managers the opportunity to provide better learning opportunities, feedback, mentorship and support team-wide. Helping to make sure all employees are aligned with your team’s and organisation’s goals.
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Manager support

Equip managers in their journey to become better leaders by providing a consistent experience for everyone. A simple-to-navigate manager dashboard provides complete visibility of team and individual performance. Making it easy to focus on employee development and performance at scale. And ensuring a seamless experience, no matter whether their teams are remote, hybrid, on-site or office-based.



Employee experience

Creating cultures where people can perform at their best

For any business to be successful, it needs a productive workforce. Managers are the driving force of this. But they need the right support, coaching and training methods to engage their employees and motivate them to perform.

High performers join businesses that promise an environment in which they can thrive. They want to be valued, progress through their careers, and be supported to reach their full potential. With OpenBlend you can ensure your managers have the right tools to develop high-performing teams. And provide a top-notch employee experience for every employee.


Employee development

Putting growth into action


Make and develop employee development plans that are simple and straightforward. Helping managers to identify barriers that are preventing employees from achieving their objectives with capability motivation matrices and keep priorities and expectations clear and aligned. When employees understand clearly what their goals and objectives are, they’ll never underestimate their ability to become high-performers.

OpenBlend provides managers with the tools they need to match an employee's skills and competencies with training and development programs. Combined with effective staff appraisal processes and an intuitive approach to performance reviews, you can watch performance progression turn into business impact from day one.

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People strategy

Develop a people strategy that empowers your team

Complement your HR strategy with an effective people strategy with OpenBlend. To reach commercial goals and drive positive business outcomes, you need to be able to attract, retain, and nurture top talent. This requires a people-centric approach to people and performance management, as one size doesn’t fit all.

Great managers will succeed only when they can identify and deploy each individual’s unique differences and drivers. By motivating each employee to perform in ways that work for them, you can create work environments where they feel able to grow professionally and personally. OpenBlend enables managers to nurture positive, inclusive and people-centric work cultures by providing a personalised experience for every team member. Helping businesses to attract and retain top talent long term.

Effective employee development starts with great managers

Your managers have the potential to become great leaders; we’ll help you get them on the path to progression. Ready to learn more?

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