Performance Management

A next-generation performance platform that's built for the modern workforce

Build a culture of high performance with a people-first approach. When you understand what drives and motivates your employees to perform at their best, the rest comes naturally.


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Redefine performance with a people-centric and continuous process

Continuous performance management

Facilitate frequent, positive communication around managing performance via a con­tin­u­al and ongoing process. With an integrated dashboard that makes discussions about feedback and actions, goal setting, and performance objectives/Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) a regular occurrence: employee appraisals become intuitive.

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Inclusive conversations

Make performance conversations part of the very fabric of an employee's relationship with their manager through inclusive, regular and timely one-to-ones and check-ins. Employees are equipped to bring their own performance agenda to the table, making conversations around performance, equitable, personal and effective.



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People analytics

Build high-performing teams by uncovering what's driving your workforce. Helping HR and people leaders join the dots across employee performance with access to vital performance metrics all in one place. Spot trends, develop your people strategy and improve employee engagement and experience.

A people-first approach

Made for managers and employees to work together to drive performance

OpenBlend is more than a performance management system — it provides a new way to engage, understand, recognise and develop your employees. And enables your people to have an active stake in their own performance at work.

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Performance-based one-to-ones

Making conversations about performance more personal

We make it inclusive. You make it meaningful. When performance conversations between managers and employees are informed by an individual's unique drivers, strengths, weaknesses, differences and motivators, everyone's aligned on what it takes to perform.

Goal setting, objectives and performance appraisals

Keep your people aligned and on course to achieve their goals

Step away from old-fashioned annual appraisals and performance ratings. Give your people a sense of purpose and the drive to succeed with regular, clear and measurable SMART objectives. When goals are set, tracked and discussed regularly it feeds into an intuitive appraisal process through effective one-to-one conversation.

Break down performance goals into manageable steps and deliver a meaningful, growth-focussed review process with every performance management cycle. With a continuous performance management process, you can easily align employee goals with organisational goals, uncover new areas for training and development, and make measuring and improving team and employee performance, simple and straightforward.


Effective performance management needs a people-first approach

Your people have the potential; our platform helps them reach it. Ready to learn more? 

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