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Improving employee performance one conversation at a time

An intuitive employee performance platform that places the employee in the driving seat. Fuel better conversations between managers and employees to truly understand what motivates your people to perform at their best. With employee wellbeing, motivation, performance and recognition tools – for everyone.


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Rethinking employee performance

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Employee wellbeing

Address wellbeing in every one-to-one conversation to impact performance, productivity, employee engagement, and retention. Setting the foundation for regular discussion around mental health and wellbeing while creating a healthy work environment, making wellbeing check-ins an integral part of the performance process.

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Meaningful one-to-ones
People crave authentic connection, with people who care about who they are and what they do. Why should this be different in the workplace? Empower open, honest one-to-ones for every team member. Helping employees and their managers to fuel positive change. Build genuine relationships and enable both parties to communicate about difficult subjects with ease.
Time with family & friends
Employee motivation

Traditional methods of evaluating employee performance typically fail because they’re top-down, retrospective and one-size-fits-all. Understand what drives and motivates your employees to perform at their best with employee motivation built into the platform. Helping great managers cultivate the behaviours of top-performing talent and drive future performance.



Employee experience

Create personalised experiences to keep employees happy

Recognise every employee as a complete person – not just their job title – with conversations that discuss more than performance metrics. Motivation is a key driver of engagement and performance. When you understand what drives your employees, the more motivated they will be to perform at their best. And the more able you will be to retain talent.

OpenBlend provides the tools to understand employees better, helping businesses build top employee experiences, and boost engagement and employee retention.


Employee performance reviews

A better way to evaluate employee performance


Measure overall employee performance and evaluate your people’s success with OpenBlend. Keeping employee performance appraisals fair, simple and straightforward. With self-evaluation and feedback forms that allow for an equitable performance appraisal every time.

Give High Five

Feedback & Recognition

Encourage a culture of recognition

Keep employees on a path of continuous improvement when you show appreciation for their contribution and success. Incorporate 360-degree feedback and recognition into performance conversations to increase self-awareness and overall performance. Helping managers pinpoint opportunities for development, set goals and identify employee strengths to be harnessed.

Drive employee performance when you put your employees first

Your employees have what it takes; our employee performance management software helps you get the best out of them. Ready to learn more?

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