A guide to supporting an employee with anxiety


Over half of the UK’s workforce experience anxiety, according to Champion Health's The Workplace Health Report. It's a big figure, and as a manager, employer or HR professional it's of vital importance to know and understand how best to support an employee suffering from anxiety. In this guide, we answer your questions about anxiety and share our tips for managing employees with anxiety. 
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Should you manage an employee with anxiety differently?


Whether anxiety is work-related or diagnosed, it can be hard to fully understand what its symptoms look like and how they manifest in the workplace. There are a whole host of contributing factors that are unique to every employee, and the symptoms, causes and triggers will be different for every person.

In our helpful guide, we give you the answers to some of the key questions surrounding managing an employee with anxiety – and share insight and top tips that will help you to manage and support an employee with anxiety effectively. We answer:


  • What is Anxiety?
  • What are Anxiety Disorders?
  • Is Anxiety a disability?
  • What impact does anxiety have on an employee?

Open Conversations: How can I support an employee with anxiety?


Remember, every employee is different: whether they have an anxiety condition or not. Before you assume anything about the individual or their condition, you need to ask the right questions and create a safe space where they feel empowered to open up truthfully about how they're feeling. 

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