A guide to managing neurodivergent employees


Whether you are managing an employee who has been diagnosed as neurodivergent or is in the process of getting a diagnosis, you need to understand how you, as a manager, can help them thrive in the workplace. In this guide, we answer your questions and share some of our top tips for managing a neurodivergent employee.

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Should you manage a neurodivergent person differently?


Every employee has different circumstances, personalities, priorities, and challenges... if you already take a people-first approach to management, then managing a neurodivergent person is just an extension of this. It’s about finding out what they need to thrive, and helping them to unlock that potential.

In our best practice guide, we give you the answers to some of the key questions surrounding managing neurodiversity in the workplace – and share insight and top tips that will help you to manage neurodiverse employees effectively:


  • What is neurodiversity?
  • What is neurodivergence?
  • How do I know if a report is neurodivergent?
  • How can I support someone who thinks they might be neurodivergent?

Open Conversations: How should I manage a neurodivergent employee?


Remember, every employee is different: neurodivergent or otherwise. This guide comes with a caveat: ask the right questions before you assume anything about the individual. Get a copy delivered straight to your inbox, so you can access at any time and share with your colleagues.



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