A step-by-step guide to creating an inclusive culture through conversation


Learn how to create an inclusive culture with open, honest one-to-ones between managers and employees. With conversation that addresses every employee’s unique circumstances, challenges, goals and drivers. 


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Find out how the right conversations can revolutionise your approach to inclusivity – and drive better performance across your team as a result.

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  • Why inclusivity needs to rise from the bottom up
  • How to create a culture of inclusion
  • The 6 steps to follow to make every one-to-one conversation inclusive

What is an inclusive conversation?


A big part of making one-to-one conversations in the workplace inclusive starts in recognising the individual behind the job title. What makes your employees unique? How do their background, preferences and experiences make them who they are today? 

In a performance management setting, if you, as a manager, exclusively lead the conversation, it won’t be inclusive: you’ll be seeing the employee through the lens of your own experience, not theirs. To make one-to-one conversations inclusive, you need to listen: allow the employee to take the reins and talk about what is important to them. 

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Why is inclusivity important?

Employees perform at their best, and people do their best work when they have the freedom to be their own authentic selves. And for that freedom to thrive, an environment that fosters and supports inclusivity at work is paramount. 

Cloverpop study

According to Cloverpop inclusive companies are 1.8 times more likely to be agile, quick thinking, and ready to embrace change. They also make better decisions and deliver better results.


Inclusiveness impacts talent attraction & retention

Gallup research also shows that an inclusive workplace creates employees that are more engaged, demonstrate higher advocacy for their company, and have a higher retention rate.

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