Employee feedback tools that put people first

Have meaningful, action-led conversations that help your people develop their skills with 360 Feedback.

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Make feedback part of your culture


Encourage personal development in your teams



Support your people on their career journey



Improve transparency and build trust



Unlock truly constructive feedback

Open and honest feedback is vital for personal development. Our employee feedback software enables you to have constructive, coaching-led conversations that support personal development.

  • Prioritise strengths and positive actions
  • See where people need more support
  • Reflect and develop on past learnings

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Enable continuous development in your teams

Provide regular, constructive feedback to facilitate continuous growth and development. Our employee feedback software uses automation to streamline the process and reduce friction.

  • Create a platform for regular, constructive feedback
  • Make feedback consistent and accessible
  • Identify and leverage skills throughout your team

Better insights in two simple questions

You don’t need to ask 20 questions to get great feedback. In our experience, you can get the same results with just two:

What went well?

Success is an enabler. 360 Feedback encourages you to focus on the positives so you can identify new opportunities to help your people grow.

Where do they need more support?

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. 360 Feedback uses the GROW framework to get to the heart of potential issues and find the best way forward.

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A new way to manage employee feedback

Give your employees the support they need to develop. Get in touch to learn more about our employee feedback software.

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