We recently caught up with Adam Davies, Head of Performance, at Gymshark, who talked about how OpenBlend is supporting their people stay connected, positive and productive, wherever they are.


How has Gymshark adapted to WFH?

The business has been fantastic in reacting quickly to the government’s advice, and proactively in making sure we are all comfortable in this period of uncertainty & transition. From the provision of equipment, to clear and concise communications. We’ve even gone as far as the provision of workout classes, recipes and virtual get-togethers over Zoom. The business continues to thrive and adapt to this new challenge. We are incredibly fortunate to have the community that we do.

How has OpenBlend supported WFH?

Originally, we were rolling OpenBlend out on a slow and incremental basis, incorporating the tool training with our in-house coaching workshop, but due to the current WFH situation, we are now offering these sessions through Zoom. We consider OpenBlend to be the tool for remote management at this moment in time. When the current situation is over the great habits adopted through OpenBlend are easily transferred back into day-to-day working.

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How has OpenBlend supported you as a people manager?

OpenBlend has allowed me to stay close to the pulse of my direct reports despite working remotely, I can see step changes in wellbeing & blend, and understand if there is any fluctuation due to the current climate – therefore enabling me to support effectively. From a whole person at work perspective, I have been able to set and track actions together with my team members, facilitate ‘on-track’ objectives and make sure they feel comfortable in how they contribute to the bigger picture despite the changes in circumstance.

How has OpenBlend helped you as an employee?

Firstly, I feel closer to my manager and she can see when I update elements of the tool and it facilitates a conversation of the back of it. At the moment, this is just happening via the use of Zoom but the fact we are remote means these conversations are incredibly meaningful, and OpenBlend keeps us on track. Because the system has all objectives and actions stored within it, I don’t feel as separated from the day to day as I might have if we did not have OpenBlend.


What impact does OpenBlend have on you as a People Development Manager right now?

OpenBlend is having a huge impact on me in my role, as it is enabling us as a development team to provide our managers/executives with a tool to support them in uncertain times, which is hugely important regardless of the current climate. Knowing that managers can be trained remotely in coaching and the OpenBlend tool gives them an opportunity to continue to manage proactively. Overall, this means we are continuing to work towards a high-performance methodology and culture.




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