Tools for remote management: OpenBlend product update

As flexible, hybrid and remote work becomes the new normal, we've launched a new ‘Connections’ feature to support and drive effective remote management.

Product Update: May 2020

Due to popular demand, we’d like to introduce to you a new product feature in OpenBlend – Introducing ‘connections’:

Employees can now have OpenBlend sessions with any manager within their company, as well as their own.

As the need for more flexible and remote work practices increases, we’ve launched the ‘Connections’ feature to enable your talent the ability to connect with multiple managers in their organisation.

Connecting  individuals across all departments across an organisation — especially those with different skillsets and backgrounds — sparks innovation, enables agility, inspires productivity and can often lead to more successful outcomes.

Collaboration across teams and departments has never been more important than it is now.

OpenBlend ‘connections’ sessions provides:

•       Additional support to remote workers

•       Successful collaboration

•       New fresh perspectives

•       More flexibility to suit all working patterns 


OpenBlend brings people-centric management to any workplace. It’s an easy to use performance management platform that brings managers and employees together across organisations in one-to-one conversations that result in clear actions. Drop us an email or call 01628 613040 to find out how or book a demo.

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