Creating and maintaining a high-performing hybrid workforce

  • OpenBlend
    2nd Floor, 85 King Street, Maidenhead, United Kingdom (map)

We are proud to partner with The BTN, to host an exclusive virtual roundtable, focusing on how to create and maintain a high-performing hybrid workforce.

The future of work is here and the fact is that many roles will stay remote – at least partially. The evolution of the ‘office’ and the ‘home office’ has pushed many organisations to empower their employers to flex between these working environments. With the new working landscape, HR Leaders need to develop strategies to manage development, productivity, engagement and wellbeing of this hybrid workforce. It can no longer be about ‘doing your hours’ or simply being present, so how can HR be the facilitators for this evolution of work to induce and ensure momentum for high performing teams?

The interactive conversation will follow the agenda below:

  • Do we need in-person contact to sustain our organisational cultures?

  • How can teams collaborate with work, learning and socially?

  • How can we ensure managers have clarity on their role and the necessary expectations?

The session will run from 4pm-5.30pm GMT and will be a chance for senior HR leaders to network and share thoughts with fellow professionals around one of the most pressing topics.

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