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Equip your managers with the right tool to support their remote teams.

Managers need to have a structured insight into employee’s wellbeing, engagement and productivity more so now than ever.

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We recently caught up with Adam Davies, People Development Manager at Gymshark, who says that “OpenBlend is the tool for remote management at this moment in time”.

With everyone at Gymshark working remotely, they recognised that a change in how they manage their teams was required and that change came about through OpenBlend. Click on the image or link to read more.

The future of remote performance management



Within OpenBlend, your employees and managers can agree on objectives.

Using the GROW model, you can address each objective using our RAG scale to assess how far completed it is.

As part of this function, we’ve included the capability/motivation matrix to facilitate the right conversation and bring to light what potential barriers are stopping employees from achieving their objectives.

Work/Life Blend

Work/Life Blend

Our unique Blend tool enables managers to understand their employees, and coach them in the areas that really matter to them.

All talent enter their eight blend elements covering aspects of their work and home life, then redefine them so that their manager knows what it means to each individual.

In regular 1-2-1’s, managers are able to coach them in these areas using the GROW model to create relative and productive actions.

Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing

In times of remote working, it’s very easy to socially isolate. Therefore, it’s even more important that managers are checking in on their employee’s wellbeing.

Using OpenBlend, you can address their happiness, confidence and ability to manage stress.

Our research indicates that these elements are the easiest ways to check in on employees and also allow employees to reason their choices.

How can you support your employees?

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