A performance management & enablement tool powered by conversation

Traditional performance management is broken. Rather than just tracking against desired results, we need to focus on and drive the way in which the desired results are achieved.

OpenBlend’s performance management & enablement tool provides a platform that brings these key elements together, powering effective one-to-one conversations that focus on everything that impacts an individual’s productivity: from weekly priorities and performance goals to key drivers, wellbeing, and feedback.

With built-in coaching frameworks, our tool guides managers through the people-centric process, offering an engaging experience for managers and employees.


Performance Objectives

To drive and maintain productivity, managers need to be able to create, discuss and track objectives effectively. OpenBlend allows you to:

  • add structured objectives and update progress anytime

  • define key results and report metrics

  • use coaching frameworks to support structured and focused conversation

  • have a full history of completed objectives, for continuous learning and even more productive outcomes

Blend Drivers

Work/life balance is an out of date concept. Today, employees are motivated by their work/life Blend: a mix of personal and professional drivers that enable them to achieve.

Our unique Blend tool supports managers to understand what really drives their employees and celebrates that one size doesn’t fit all. By capturing an employee’s key drivers in one framework, the OpenBlend performance management tool creates conversations that lead to solutions.

Placing an employee’s needs at the heart of a performance process is vital to drive productivity in today’s workforce.


Open and honest feedback is vital for personal development.

OpenBlend enables managers or employees to request feedback at any time, to identify areas of success and detect where support is needed.

Our framework, underpinned with coaching prompts, supports and guides managers to deliver constructive feedback: recognising success, tackling the tough stuff and creating a way forward.

Our approach to feedback is simple.



Employee wellbeing is vital to individual productivity, which is why it must always be part of performance conversations.

“How happy are you?”
“How confident are you?”
“How capable do you feel to manage stress?”

Our three simple questions, along with simple visuals, bring structure to otherwise tricky conversations, making them easy and solution focussed.


Talking Points

Regular one-to-ones are key to driving performance.

Continuous, employee-led performance conversations are vital for personal development and driving productivity across your workforce.

Talking Points facilitates more meaningful and regular conversations between managers and employees by helping them structure their regular one-to-one discussions and create an agenda that ensures performance conversations are focused, cover the right conversations at the right time and help to devise solutions.

Talking Points is designed for the time conscious and makes one-to-ones in OpenBlend even more valuable.

Talking Points


In people-centric businesses, continual performance conversations have replaced traditional performance appraisals.

Yet there are times when we need, or choose to, evaluate employee performance, be it achievements, potential, behaviour, values or a good old-fashioned retrospective review.

Our flexible Evaluate feature can be adapted to suit your culture or business processes. We even support ratings, but in a uniquely OpenBlend way!


As workplaces adapt to the new normal, it’s more important than ever to stay connected.

Our ‘Connections’ feature enables employees and managers to connect with one another outside of their direct reporting line.

This feature can be used to support mentoring relationships or simply to connect with someone in your network.

A connected workforce is productive workforce.


Team insights

Managers can review, at a glance, how their team are doing, when their sessions are due and also track their progress.

Nudges, podcasts and suggested coaching questions enable them to prepare for their one-to-ones, and develops their coaching capability.

Data on Demand

OpenBlend delivers insight into what really drives productivity and what Blend elements make a difference to employee’s ability to perform at the top of their game.

Using the market-leading data visualisation tool, Microsoft PowerBI, you can get direct access to your business’ data at any time.

Our Data on Demand feature has a world class filtering capability that identifies themes and patterns and enables companies to design a winning people strategy with confidence.


Making hybrid work: OpenBlend’s integration with Microsoft Teams

Making hybrid work: OpenBlend’s integration with Microsoft Teams

We’ve incorporated OpenBlend into Microsoft Teams. By integrating regular, people-centric one-to-ones into the MS Teams framework, we’re enabling businesses to make people-centric actions part of day-to-day working life. Making regular performance check-ins and one-to-ones easier for managers and employees alike.


OpenBlend offers integrations with many of your favourite software to offer a seamless experience. We offer single-sign-on through Okta, Azure Active Directory and G-suite. Click below for more information.