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OpenBlend User Event: Supporting People Managers

This week we hosted an OpenBlend user event, offering an opportunity for people to network and discuss familiar challenges with like-minded companies.

 In an era where the demands on people managers are greater than ever, we set out to understand what these demands are, why they exist, the impact they have, and how businesses need to support their people managers.

Our goal was to hear the voice of both the people implementing solutions, and of those who are managing teams day-to-day, and to ensure everyone leaves with tangible solutions they can take back into their businesses.

We had 3 informative and inspirational speakers:

Jemma Cunliffe

Open Blend Co-founder and Client Success Director

Topic: The Changing Role of People Managers

Key takeaways:

·       The world we live in has changed and managers need support to evolve too

·       Leading from example is one of the most effective ways that businesses can shift manager mindset

·       Focusing on the whole person and setting clear, mutually agreed actions & expectations are a few factors that make up the OpenBlend approach to management


Lucy King

Head of Talent and Performance at A+E Networks UK

Topic: A+E’s experience using Open Blend & 7 top tips for setting managers up for success

Lucy’s top tips:

  1. Focus on culture – Have core values that employees live by, allowing for greater consistency across the business
  2. Vision, goals, objectives, reviews – Support employees to create a link between their individual objectives and company-wide goals
  3. Own it – Talent should be encouraged to be responsible for their own performance and progress
  4. Be you – Inspire employees to be themselves; to break the mould with their management approach
  5. Continuous learning – Provide readily available learning on different platforms to suit different needs
  6. Just in time support – Employees should feel comfortable to ask for support whenever it’s needed, as opposed to relying on relevant knowledge they may have gained through a training much earlier in their career
  7. Manager as a coach – Using techniques like the GROW model during Open Blend sessions instils coaching frameworks in managers


Tracy James

Leadership and development coach

Hotseat workshop – Attendees share challenges they’re facing, and peers ask coaching questions to help inspire thinking

Challenge: Manager has 8 direct reports and is struggling to support and manage them all with their different needs. Varying success/level of ease with different team members.

Example coaching questions:

·       What do you want to get out of it?

·       Is the expectation coming from you or them?

·       How do your team members think they want to benefit from OpenBlend?

·       Where do your sessions take place?

·       Who have you found sessions most effective with?

·       What makes sessions work well with some and not others?

·       What could you do differently in sessions with different team members?



About OpenBlend

OpenBlend is a people centred performance management tool that facilitates coaching led conversations that support all aspects of an individual’s development journey and enable businesses to truly accelerate the performance of their people.


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