Improving employee engagement: Guidant Global

We spoke to the team at Guidant Global to see how OpenBlend has helped improve performance goals, leadership styles and employee engagement.


The Challenge 

Guidant place the engagement and wellbeing of their workforce as a high priority activity. Most effort had historically focused at a macro, company wide level and more recently identified that there was a need  to support their managers in having engaging and productive conversations, at a micro and individualised level.

In addition, internal feedback suggested the appraisal process was simply a time consuming tick box exercise. The once a year process lacked opportunity for the individual to contribute and didn’t address matters outside of performance, competencies and development.

Guidant Group offer global outsourced recruitment services employing over 250 people, with head office locations in London and Atlanta.

How we implemented

OpenBlend was adopted by the whole business. Annual appraisals were dropped with immediate effect in favour of regular coaching led one to ones using OpenBlend.

The software was implemented in three phases, starting with the leadership team.

The goals

  • Get into The Sunday Times top 100 companies to work for.
  • Bring in an innovative solution to drive wellbeing and engagement.
  • Make 121s and appraisals meaningful and focussed on the individual.

A 12-month survey revealed:

Leader feedback

  • 100% have a better understanding of the needs of their team
  • 88% report better developmental conversations with their teams
  • 79% feel more able to adapt their leadership style to individuals
  • 71% say OpenBlend has made their life easier
  • 71% of leaders felt their teams’ performance has improved since using OpenBlend.

Performance Goals have improved by 18%

Guidant have just been awarded 81st in the Sunday Times top 100 companies to work for in 2017.


Talent Feedback

  • 89% of users are more engaged in their job
  • 79% say their manager understands them better
  • 69% feel there is more permission to speak openly about their blend
  • 68% say their manager adapts their style more to their individual needs
  • 65% have a better understanding of what’s important to them in their job

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