Webinar: The Importance of a People-Centric Approach

HR is changing. For a long period of time, it’s been viewed as an afterthought in regards to business transformation. Yet, at present it’s going through significant change, fast becoming increasingly vital to organisational development and growth. Many businesses are now beginning to focus on the themes and best practices that will drive people forward. Because without putting your people first, how can businesses expect to retain a team, nurture their talent and scale?

If your company is still in the dark, or you’re a like-minded HR professional who wants some fresh insight; sign up to our webinar, where we’ll be discussing the importance of a people-centric approach to business transformation. Hosted by our founder & CEO Anna Rasmussen, the key themes we will be covering are:

•                     Defining a people-centric approach to HR

•                     Day-to-day initiatives and strategies for your organisation

•                     The ROI of shifting your approach

•                     A Q&A and discussion 

We aim to provide best practices to help you drive this transformation, that can be adapted and implemented into your organisation from day one.

To book your space on our upcoming webinar, fill in your details below. Then have those headphones and notepads ready and prepare to revolutionise your approach to HR.

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