Webinar: Building Resilience: Life After Lockdown for Employees

This is the third and final webinar in the series we are running in partnership with LMA Recruitment on building resilience and life after lockdown for employees.

As the possibility of reopening businesses is hopefully drawing closer we thought it would be useful to run a webinar to prepare for this. Life after lockdown will be very different for employees, especially with some being furloughed and some not. Therefore, we will be talking about possible strategies and ideas to lift and build into your organisations to make this transition as smooth as possible.

We’ll be collating all the questions and drawing some main themes to guide the discussion followed by a live Q&A from your thoughts during the session.

Join us on Tuesday 30th June at 9:15-10:15 for a discussion between Anna Rasmussen, Founder & CEO OpenBlend; Nicola Forbes Taylor, CPO for high growth start ups & Consultant and Alex Mecklenburg, Leadership coach and co-founder of the creative consultancy Truth & Spectacle. 

Please register using this link here