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Personalised employee development for people-first organisations

Empower your team's growth and accelerate career progression with OpenBlend's new "Develop" module: the only platform that empowers managers and employees to have meaningful and personalised 1:1 conversations about career development, and take concrete steps to fulfil their professional and personal aspirations.

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In our quick start guide, we've covered the nuts and bolts at the top level, showcasing how Develop works and why a personalised approach to employee development is crucial for today's workforce. 


Why does personalised career development matter?

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Without personalised development in your EVP, you will lose prospective candidates and high-performing talent.

(Stat source: Gallup)

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Today’s workforce is consumed by a need for continual development and career progression.

(Stat source: LinkedIn

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The benefits of personalised development extend to so many other facets of the employee experience. 

(Stat source: Udemy

Engage and retain your people with personalised employee development 

Based on coaching-led principles, Develop is a purpose-built OpenBlend module, designed to empower individuals on their journey to personal and professional development.

Develop gives employees the unique ability to shape their career progression alongside their manager, choosing how, when, and in what way they wish to develop. The catalyst behind this journey? Meaningful 1:1 conversations:

  • Discover individual development needs that set the stage for employee career development, training and learning initiatives.
  • Craft personalised career development plans, provide clarity around role expectations and guide employees on a pathway to career progression.
  • Equip your team with the necessary support and tools to reach career goals through coaching-led 1:1s with managers.
  • Enable managers to define, track, and align employee development goals with business objectives.
  • Prepare managers with the skills to engage in continuous and meaningful development discussions with their team members.
  • Leverage coaching and in-built goal-setting frameworks that act as a step-by-step support system to ensure goal completion at every stage.