19 July, 2021 | OpenBlend

On Blend with Nicola | Insights into your employee motivators

For those who haven't met me yet, I'm Nicola,  OpenBlend’s Implementation and Success Consultant. I developed my skills and approach through my 15 years in business optimisation, generalist HR roles in corporate (O2, PPR Group and large utilities) and fast growth environments, including start-up tech (Huddle, Nutmeg, Onfido). I have qualified as a fellow of the CIPD, ILM Level 7 coach and psychometrics practitioner. 

As we traverse the uncertainty of government guidelines, we need to stay closer than ever to our employees. What is important to them at this time? 

Top 10 Blend Motivators over the last quarter remained the same.  

However, changes are being seen in the priority order… 

What do employees value right now? 

Insight #1: Making a difference at work over money  

Whilst money remains a top 4 Blend motivator in our first half of 2021, as of June, Making a difference at work has leapfrogged it into third position. 

It isn’t surprising that after the 15 months that we have been through, that employees want to feel a sense of purpose. It is crucial to engage in organisational plans and achievements. Employees want to know what they do to make a difference in their roles. 

Top Tips: 

  • Link objectives to organisational goals 
  • Celebrate impact and positive efforts of employees 

Insight #2: Progression over career goals 

Progression at work has jumped into the Top 5 Blend Motivators as of June 2021. Career Goals moves to 6th place. The rubber is starting to hit the road, it would seem. Our employees are seeing the road ahead and want to feel momentum in their careers again. 

Top Tips: 

  • Start Talent planning- speak to us about using Evaluate to create objectivity and support calibration discussions! 
  • Think laterally about how you can create movement even within restricted budgets. 

Insight #3: Mindset Wellbeing is still a priority! 

As we begin the ebbs and flows towards new ways of working, let’s remember the impact of decisions and plans on our employees. Lack of choice creates anxiety.  

Top Tips: 

  • Engage employees in choosing their pattern of working- speak to us about using Evaluate to create structured conversations that provide further insights.  
  • Plan and iterate. Embrace the evolution of new working patterns and collaboration, without being afraid to change as you go! 

As we consider what our employees are telling us through our Blend insights, I hope, like our clients, you focus in on what is important to them. In doing so, you can create strong, resilient, motivated and high performing cultures where we all do our best work. 

Nicola Forbes-Taylor, Implementation and Success Consultant.

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