Motivation is the biggest enabler of performance


Want to enable high performance and create a happier, more engaged workforce, but not sure where to start? Holistic one-to-one conversations that include employee motivators hold the key to unlocking better performance. Download our free guide and learn how to incorporate employee drivers into effective one-to-ones to unleash employee potential and enable performance.

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You'll learn how to:


  1. Identify what drives your employees and how this impacts their productivity and engagement

  2. Discuss individual motivators during 1:1 conversations to enable your employees to perform (and why this is so important)

  3. Capture individual drivers and motivators in one framework, and the business benefits of taking this approach 

  4. Analyse key trends in employee motivators and drivers across your workforce 

  5. Get started on your journey to creating a happier and more engaged workforce

When you include individual drivers in one-on-one conversations:

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Employees are supported to achieve their goals and address their wellbeing, feel fulfilled, understood, and listened to by their employer and ultimately make work a positive force in their life.

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Managers are equipped with the help that they need to become an inclusive coach, get the best out of each and every employee and feel confident about their role and responsibilities.

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Organisations are provided with unique insight into what drives their workforce to take action on disengagement and devise companywide initiatives that enhance performance.

Karen Blackett - Country Manager, WPP

“OpenBlend has got us talking more, managing better and understanding each other.”

Karen Blackett, Country Manager


Gianni Georgiades - Chief Executive Officer, Lacoste PCL

"Since using OpenBlend we’ve seen a significant increase in not just the Wellbeing scores recorded by our colleagues but also the levels of confidence and competence of our leaders in having meaningful and impactful conversations. We’ve noted an upsurge in the levels of trust between Leader and Talent and this has led to increased creativity and a sense of freedom to manage their own outputs in our people."

Gianni Georgiades, Chief Executive Officer

Lacoste PLC

Lucy King - Head of Talent & Performance, A+E Networks

"The more we work on our company goals the more I see OpenBlend as being a big part of our success. It gives us a brilliant foundation to do great stuff. "

Lucy King, Head of Talent & Performance

A+E Networks

Hugh Sturges - CEO, Jeroboams Ltd

“Having used a variety of performance appraisal and personal development forms over the years, it is only since I discovered OpenBlend that I have been properly engaged in two way conversations with my team. More importantly I have seen others do the same. The use of ‘self-scoring’ and including personal motivators in the mix is brilliant.”

Hugh Sturges, CEO

Jeroboams Ltd

Justine Recordon - Head of HR, Macrosynergy Partners LLP

“I have been impressed by OpenBlend, they have a great team who support us by providing training and useful analytics; and a fantastic tool, which I believe is unique, as it has the individual at its core.”

Justine Recordon, Head of HR

Macrosynergy Partners LLP

Grant Vowls - Managing Director, Chameleon International

“The support we have received from the team has been invaluable and we have really welcomed the regular touchpoints, which enable us as a business to understand and interpret the feedback that our employees have given. All in all this has been a great venture and we very much look forward to continually working with OpenBlend.”

Grant Vowls, Managing Director

Chameleon International